GAMARVANI is a culture festival from SMAN 3 Bandung that took a theme concept from Nyi Anteh story. GAMARVANI is the new generation from culture festival SMAN 3 Bandung after Matswapati.

     GAMARVANI means a journey to the moon (Nyi Anteh story). In this era, modern-era, there’s so many people who forget about their own culture and literature especially the teenagers. They most like about the culture from outside of Indonesia. That’s why SMAN 3 Bandung made such as this festival. Gamarvani showed a few performances from wayang golek by Giri Harja, pencak silat by perguruan Gadjah Putih Mega Pasksi Pusaka, and many more. There was also a few traditional games such as Bancakan, Sapintrong, Cing Ciripit and Perepet Jengkol. This event was also enlivened by the appearance of Musik Klasik 3, Lingkung Seni Sunda 3, Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3, Gabungan Pekerja Seni Bandung, Pencak Silat Mega Paksi, etc.

      Oh, there was also a few foodtrucks and food stands and all the foods and drinks are so deliciouuuss!!

   A few weeks before Gamarvani, there was a forms to filled if you want to be one of the committees of this event. And more than half students from grade 10 joined the committees, including me. I chose the publishing division. After we filled the forms, we got called to attend the first meeting of the event. We met the other committees from the senior grade. We got explained about what Gamarvani is, what will we do, etc.

    After the first meeting, we have a few meetings to attended. In the other meetings, we got a command to search a funds for this event. We could do it in every way, but the first way we should do door-to-door to a few people that we know. In short, we got so many funds! That’s mean so many people that supported this event.

    A few days before the event started, the public division have a job to sell the tickets. We sell those tickets in a few places outside SMAN 3 Bandung and we also sell it in front of SMAN 3 Bandung. There was so many tickets that sold out. But, we kept a few tickets for the OTS (On the Spot). That’s mean people could buy the ticket in D-Day but with a higher price.


this is me, Cemal, Kang Faza, Teh Jovi,
and Teh Tiwi when we sell the tickets
in front of Warung Pasta

In D-Day, the public division divided a few people into 2 shifts (morning on 9.30-13.00 and afternoon on 13.00-close gate) for sell the OTS ticket and for the ticket exchange. I got the afternoon shift along with Regina, Tiara P., and Melody. There was so many people that buy the tickets in afternoon. Because I got the afternoon shifts, so I didn’t watch the performances inside the venue. It’s so sad that I couldn’t watch the attractive performances. But, It’s okay.

    At 17.00, when we were going to close the gate and close the OTS ticketbooth, there was still many people that bought the tickets. So, we didn’t close the ticketbooth and wait until there was no one coming to buy the ticket. We ‘really’ closed the gate at about 18.25. After that, I joined my friends inside the venue and watched the rest of the performances.

   Gamarvani wasn’t just invited and showed some cultures of West-Java, but also invited singers that popular among the teenagers, HiVi! and Adera!!

11849371_533835463450504_141875960_nAdera’s performance


11875461_1700219090208415_1800578530_nHiVi’s Performance

Their performances were so boom-bas-tic!! For those who didn’t come to Gamarvani, I bet you still regret it now:))


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