My New Friend

Hello, fellas!

I’m Navelia and I would like to introduce my new friend (+my old friend from jhs). So, let’s start from the new one.

Her name is Puteri Cikal Anasta. She is as old as me, it’s fifteen years-old. She was studied in 11 jhs. She was joined an organization in her school, which called OSIS. Being the part of OSIS is so hard, you must be smart and dilligent. Not just in academic, but you should be active too in the non-academic. So, yeaah, Puteri is a smart and dilligent girl.

She has 2 brothers. Both of them are study in an elementary school. The first brother is on the 5th grade, while the second brother is on the 4th grade. Puteri is the only girl in her house, beside her mother. The first time I knew her is when we were on MOPD (Masa Orientasi Peserta Didik) in our school in SMAN 3 Bandung. My class, science-seven (was; Gugus 7) was gathered in class science 7. We were so innocent and didn’t know what to do. So, we were just looking at each others with a ‘who-are-you?’ face. I didn’t know everyone in the class except some of them (Syafiera, Fikri, Sophia, and Fathoni) because I’ve knew them since I was in jhs.

Then after we got gathered, our binggus came to lead us. Our binggus was Kang Firza Haikal, Teh Lintang, and Teh Shamira. Kang Firza was on 12th grade, so does Teh Lintang. Meanwhile Teh Shamira was on 11th grade. They introduced theirselves first, and they let us to introduced ourselves.

The way we introduced ourselves were very unique. We introduced ourselves by sing and the others friends should clap their hands. I saw my friends introduced theirselves, and that was Puteri’s turn to introduced herself. After that, I knew some friends in my class because they had their turn. And then it was my turn!

“Nama saya Navelia (claps claps). Saya dari SMPN 5 Bandung (claps claps). Kalau teman yang disana coba kenalkan dirinya, kami semua ingin tahu (claps claps)” then I was pointed Annisa because she was sat with me. Then she introduced herself while singing and we were clapped along.

After MOPD, my friends and I got closer and we knew about each other. I got closer with Puteri and she is so nice! She also friendly and kind. She’s kinda sensitive too, same as me. She is very dilligent and smart. I’ve knew this from her: When the school’s schedule are just 3 subjects, she also bring the tomorrow’s subjects because she want to do the tasks and study for the tomorrow’s study so that when she come home, she won’t do the task.

And now about Annisa!

I’ve knew her since I was on 7th grade. We were from the same class, that was 7-D. She was from SDN Banjarsari and I was from SDN Merdeka 5. Our school was kinda near. She was very calm, but after I get closer to her, she’s not calm anymore. When we were on 7th grade, every happy-sad moments we through together. We have a killer-home-teacher whose name I censored. And that teacher who made us be so close like this. I wanted to share my stories from 7th grade when I got teachered by this teacher. But, I think I won’t do that because for her human rights. The point is, my friends and I had a tragedic moments that time.

About Annisa, she is smart, dilligent, kind, funny, but sometimes she get calm. She’s not talking as much as Puteri. Puteri is a non-stop talking machine. She always telling a story about her or somethings. Okay, back to Annisa. She is so popular back then. She knows about some people out there, whom I don’t know about their names. She have a close friend named Zahra from science 9. My mother, Annisa’s mother, and Zahra’s mother are so close.

So, that’s about them. Thank you for visit my page!!


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