My Holiday

My holiday wasn’t too interesting. i didn’t go for a holiday because I was too busy with my activities. the first day of my holiday, I went to school to do my SP a.k.a Semester Pendek. I got SP in 2 subjects, that was Physics and Math Int. In the morning, I studied Physics in Physics Laboratory. I studied Physics for my SP with some other friends. There was 7 from my class.  Mrs. Indra was teaching us about the materies from the first we studied Physics with her. After that, me and my 6 other friends went to another class for Math Int. SP.  In this class, there were more people than when I was in the Physics class. 22 people in my class gor Math Int. SP.  Then we studied with Mr. Agus.  Mrs. Indra gave us 2 times of SP (Monday: study, Tuesday: Test), meanwhile Mr. Agus gave us 4 times of SP (Monday-Tuesday: study, Wednesday: SP 1, Next Friday: SP 2).

The second day of holiday, I still did my SP. In the morning, I did the test for Physics subject. Then after that I studid Math Int. with Mr. Agus.  After the classes over, I ate with my friend at El Torro, in front of SMAN 3 Bandung. After thtat, I went to laundry with m mom to wash our clothes. Then I went to a foodcourt with my mom and dad. I got a bonus meal, hehe. The third day of holiday I did my test for Math Int. subject but I got a bad score so I should do my second SP (called SP 2).

The fourth day of holiday, I went to Gor Lodaya to practise softball. We practised for a tournament of softball named Redfox Cup. We practised so hard. I wasn’t too good on softball, but after practising softball everyday in the holiday, I think I’m better now. After practised softball for a long time, finaly D-day has come. It was Wednesday, my first tournament. And it was morning. Our rival was SMAN 7 Bandung. But, too bad we were lose. But, it’s okay. We weren’t hope to win. We just wanna do our best. The next day, our rival was SMAN 22 Bandung, and we lose again! In the Friday, I wasn’t on a tournament because I got SP 2 in Math Int. subject.  The next day, SMAN 3 Bandung vs SMAN 11 Bandung. And guess what? We won! With score 21-7.

So, that was my holiday. Wasn’t too interesting, right?


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