Education for a Better Future

In the education, we have some problems. Education isn’t just about subjects in class, but also about spirituals, manner, and about a good behavior. But a pity, some schools haven’t gave an education yet about what a good manner is,, or how to have a good behavior. The education in schools just taught the students about the curicullum, and make them crazy over scores so they would do anything by any way to get a good scores. That’s why there are some students that cheating when they are on exam; because the curicullum pressure them to have a good score. So, the students don’t care about the way or which way they should choose and do to get a good score. In the end, they don’t care about manners and behaviors.

Example, there are two type of people. The first one is the type of guy who is lazy, and always cheating. Even when do a task, that guy is still cheating. BUT, he got a good score. He even got a rank in his class. And the second one is the type of guy who is very dilligent, always looking for something or discover something. But, this kind of guy always got a lower score than the first type guy. He didn’t get a rank in his class. Do you see the different? The second type of guy has been study to death but still got a lower score than the first one. He might have cheating too like the first type, but he didn’t. Why? Because he wasn’t just study for the subjects in school, but he was also study for himself, for his manner, for his behavior. He should be honest. He might be got a low score in the subjects, I mean, the score isn’t too nice. But, he got a good score in his manner and behavior.

Good manner or behavior isn’t just about not cheating in class, but there is other. Example, there are some students that skipped the class. Maybe because the teacher is boring or because of something? But the point is, that’s not a good behavior. The school should’ve taught the students about this, about manner and behavior, so, the education are all good whether in the curicullum subject or in the manners.

I think if every school and every components of school (such as: teachers, students, and parents) know about this, the education would be better.


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